Data Analyst

  • Location: Fully Remote, but welcomed to our office
  • Experience: Mid
  • Compensation: Inquire
About the Job

We are building and operating excellence centers for well established internet platforms and clients operating in the United States, Canada, Netherlands, Germany and several European countries. We work with the latest technologies in data analysis, software development, and infrastructure management.

We are nimble and flexible: we offer flexible hours, multiple forms of employment and very competitive compensation. We also provide a comfortable working environment: comprehensive private medical insurance and Multisport benefits. 

As a member of our Data Analysis team, you will work with end-users across the world to create dashboards, reports and data visualizations which will help management at all levels make better operational and strategic decisions. You will also build and maintain the data structures required in the analysis.

English is our primary language and we provide coaching, mentoring and help with English language skills
Required Skills:
  • Intermediate to Advanced SQL
  • Experience with Dashboarding Tools (Looker, PowerBI are bonuses)
  • Fundamental knowledge of Statistical Analysis
  • Good command of English
  • Knowledge of Python and some leadership experience are also bonuses
  • Use SQL to perform ad-hoc data requests  
  • Depending on the client, use Looker or PowerBI to develop data visualizations/dashboards for stakeholders
  • Communicate results to non-tech stakeholders
  • Support ETL on a variety of platforms (Azure, Synapse, AWS, Google, dbt)
  • Create data data lakes and data warehouses
  • Create, track and update tickets on Jira board
  • Meet with non-tech stakeholders to flush out requirements for data requests/visualizations
  • Support other teams with Analysis and Data Requests

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