A word about us

It all started several years ago when our founder, Rob, then a CTO of a Fortune-500 company in the US, realized that he'd much rather build than restructure or reorganize. He dreamed of a company where everyone would be excited to come to work, where culture and mutual respect would start from the top. So, he left the corporate world, with a vague dream to build his own team which would never be so big that couldn't speak to everyone one-on-one...

  • Engagement Plus dedicated to succeed 
  • Average engagement: 42 months
  • Only three concurrent long-term engagements at the time

We go a long way to give you the best team

For many years we've worked extremely hard to build a cooperation model that will contribute the most to our clients.

We call it Engagement Plus

We know how to become an integral part of your team - entirely on your terms. You build your product, your culture, and run your business. We provide you with the help, supervision and advice whenever and however you need.

To do that, we stay deliberately compact: never out of touch with all of our engagements and all of our team members.

We are also in it for the long run. Some of our clients have been working with us for over five years, and the average engagement time is 42 months and growing.

Our Services

It all starts with code
(yes, also the infrastructure)

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Meet our team

A few words only about what defines who we are: our people, our team.
Few words are not enough, so come and meet us: in person or on video.

{ Leadership }


Also known as CMO - Chief Mentoring Officer.

{ Everything }


The fabric that connects us all and keeps us in check.

{ JavaScript }


Multi-framework, speaks many dialects. Full Stack

{ JS / Native }


Loves the details and works with precision. Full Stack.

{ JS/Native }


Likes walking up and down the stack. Full-Stack.

{ Native }


Can make your smartphone smarter. Android or iOs.

{ Native }


Another mobile maniac. Know for laser precision.

{ Ruby/RoR }


Really loves the back-end, but doesn't mind Full Stack.

{ Ruby/RoR }


A true back-end maven. Knows many industries.

{ Google }


Loves difficult problems. Over 10 years with us.

{ Microsoft/Mac }


A dilemma: likes MS and loves the Mac. Mastered both.

{ Data }


Years of designing and drilling data structures.

{ Data }


dbt genius. loves designing and transforming.

{ Data }


Math wizard turned complex data designer and analyzer.

{ Data }


There aren't data technologies he hasn't worked with.

{ Data }


Loves big, especially big data. With us from the start.

{ Data }


Loves working with end-users. Likes visualizations.

{ Test Auto }


A true "Doc" of test automation. Loves gadgets.

{ Design / UI }


Can Photoshop the world. Loves UI and visuals.

{ Proj Mgmt }


Manages the world. Loves people and processes. 

{ Proj Mgmt }


Loves complex implementations and big problems.

{ Architecture }


Understands scale and industry challenges worldwide.

{ Analysis }


Ex-KPMG and Ex-CFO. Brings this experience to design.

{ People }


Frequently the first person you meet before you join us.